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EC Learn: The Candidates Weigh In

Our student workers created this entertaining promotional video on EC Learn. Hope you enjoy it! The video was created using Xtra Normal. If you are thinking about submitting a testimonial to our Canvas Card Competition (C3), this would be a … Continue reading

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Canvas Card Competition (C3)

You’ve probably heard that we’re switching from Blackboard Vista to Instructure Canvas, and that our version of Canvas is called ECLearn. What you don’t know yet, is that we’re running a competition to help you get onboard with this transition. … Continue reading

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Tech Tip: Some Canvas Audio/Video Features

Video still has a certain mystique about it that writing doesn’t have. Perhaps this has to do with the fact that video production, unlike writing, is not a skill taught at most elementary schools. Though I did have my elementary … Continue reading

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Tech Tip: Lucidchart – A Great Collaborative Tool For Mapping Ideas

Lucidchart is now available for Emmanuel College faculty and  students. Lucidchart is an online diagramming tool that allows  individuals or groups to brainstorm ideas, organize thoughts, and  collaborate in real time. It helps students collect, analyze and  communicate their ideas. … Continue reading

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Tech Tip: Google Advanced Search Options

Google Search is an excellent tool but at times the results it provides can be a bit overwhelming. Sometimes you can’t quite seem to get Google to search for what you really want to find. These are the times when … Continue reading

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Faculty Spotlight: Todd Williams – Teaching with Dual Screens

Instructor: Todd Williams, PhD, Associate Professor of Biology Course: Biology 3137, Medical Neuroscience About the project: Professor Williams teaches in one of the new classrooms with dual-screen LCD TVs. He has integrated using the two screens into his teaching style … Continue reading

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Recordings of EC Learn Faculty Training Webinars

Yesterday we had our second and final “instructor training” webinar from Instructure. If you weren’t able to make it to either session, we do have recordings of them that you can watch. There are two options available: Streaming Recordings from … Continue reading

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Tech Tip: Using HTML Embed Code in EC Learn

This title sounds very technical, but in reality all you’ll be doing is clicking, cutting, and pasting. Before we get started though, it will help to know a little bit of background information. EC Learn provides the backbone of a … Continue reading

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Teaching Tip: Approaches To Teaching Students New Technology Tools

There are many ways to approach teaching a new technology tool to your class. You can hand them a sheet of instructions or a URL and have them learn on their own time. You can schedule class time in a … Continue reading

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Refworks Available Free to Emmanuel Faculty, Students, and Staff

ATIG is pleased to announce a College-wide site license for Refworks is available to Emmanuel students faculty and staff. What is RefWorks?  We’ll let Refworks explain: “RefWorks is a powerful online research management, writing and collaboration tool designed to help … Continue reading

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