Recordings of EC Learn Faculty Training Webinars

Yesterday we had our second and final “instructor training” webinar from Instructure. If you weren’t able to make it to either session, we do have recordings of them that you can watch. There are two options available:

  • Streaming Recordings from 9/24 and 10/11 (these links will expire after two months)
  • Download the Recordings:

1. Connect to the server:
On a PC: Click on this link
On a Mac: From the Go menu select Connect to server. Enter in: Afp:// and                     select Connect.
2. Log in with your MySaints portal username and password.
3. Open the folder “Foy” then “Canvas Instructor Training Webinar”.
4. Follow the directions in the Instructions file to install the appropriate software on your computer and watch                 either webinar.

If you still have questions after watching one of the webinars, you can:

— Emily

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  1. Rcmleads says:

    Great training resources. Thanks for sharing

  2. Connect to the server

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