Tech Tip: The Power of Pages

Pages are used to create content in your course. Pages are where you can put content and educational resources that are part of your course but don’t necessarily belong in an assignment. Pages can include text, video, audio clips, math equations, images and links (to websites, files, and other pages, assignments, and discussions you have created in ECLearn).

When should I use Pages?
Pages can be used to create:

  • a course Home page
  • a content page to include in Modules – content, such as a list of course materials, office hours, clarification of topic of study, etc.
  • a collaborative space to which all course participants can contribute

How do I Create a Page?
Pages can be accessed by clicking the Pages button in the course navigation sidebar on the left. When you access the Pages tool, the sidebar on the right will list common pages, recent pages (those that have been edited recently) and all pages. Here you will also see an Edit this page button that allows you to edit the page being displayed. You will also see a Create new pages button which allows you to create new pages. Once you have created pages, you can link them to one another or include them in Modules. You can also link to pages from various places in the course (e.g. Discussions, Assignments, Quizzes, Announcements, Calendar).

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