EC Learn Tool Spotlight: Scheduler

Today we will focus on one of the new features that Canvas has released called “Scheduler“. Scheduler allows faculty to post their office hours which students can then sign up for through EC Learn. The purpose of the tool is to create a centralized location where students can create and withdraw from appointments without bothering their professor. Scheduler provides instant verification that the student has reserved the time slot and also displays their name for that time on EC Learn for other students to see. The presentation of the person’s name who reserved the time slot reduces the headaches that both professors and students can receive from scheduling conflicts. The professor is notified via email once the appointment is reserved. The appointment will also show up in the professor’s EC Learn calendar which prevents the causal saying of “Oh, I forgot you were coming in today to talk about your quiz grade.” This saying brings up another way how Scheduler is useful. Scheduler will promote a clear and concise topic for the meeting through the use of the “Description” box. The student can put in a description of what the meeting will be about when reserving the time slot. The description will be sent in the verification email to both the professor and student. The description will allow both parties to come into the meeting prepared to talk about the desired topic. Although Scheduler seems like a small addition to EC Learn, it’s benefits make it a much more useful tool than some may perceive it to be.

Note: The Academic Technology & Innovation Group will be posting a step-by-step guide on how to set up Office Hours in EC Learn. We will also be providing documentation for students on how to sign up and withdraw from these office hours.

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