Instructional Design 101, Part 4

Let’s conclude the Instructional Design 101 series by pulling everything together to see how you can practically use the ADDIE process in your classroom. Whether you are building a new course, redesigning one, or adding a new instructional technology, ADDIE can be your road map to a successful launch.

Let’s go through ADDIE in the following scenario:

 A Who are my learners?

  • My students are of traditional age.
  • I am teaching a general education course, therefore my students will have different interests.
  • I will teach the course face-to-face.
 D What do learners need to know and how will I know that they have learned?

  • I will outline each week and sequence the learning.
  • I will create course goals and objectives, keeping Blooms Taxonomy in mind. My objectives will focus on higher forms of cognitive work.


  • I will build approprate assessments that match the objectives.
 D2 How will I deliver course material?

  • I will use ECLearn to enhance my course with different instructional tools.
  • I may create a game for students to play in class.
  • I will consult with ATIG to determine what features of ECLearn will help me accomplish my teaching goals and brainstorm game ideas.
 I Teach the course.

  • I will add additional resources to ECLearn on topics that students are struggling with.
  • I will create a video to clarify topics of confusion and post to ECLearn.
  • I will take notes on what works and what does not work, knowing that unforeseen challenges may arise.
 E How did it go?

  • I will routinely assess if students are learning and meeting course objectives through group project and essay assignments.
  • I will assess the impact of my chosen instructional materials through continual evaluation.
  • I will keep in mind Kirkpatrick’s 4 Levels of Evaluation.


Do you have other questions about ADDIE and interested in learning more? Are you ready to start applying this process for an upcoming Spring course? E-mail me ( for an individual consultation.

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