iPads in the Classroom


You can now project presentations and course materials from your iPad to classroom projectors! Reserve an Apple TV and HDMI cable from ATIG and we’ll walk you through setting it up.

What can you use an iPad for in the classroom?

Displaying course materials in a wide range of media seamlessly:

  • Presentations using apps such as Prezi, Keynote, and Google Presentations in Google Drive
  • Videos on YouTube, Vimeo, and MediaCore within ECLearn (read more about MediaCore here: https://eclearn.emmanuel.edu/courses/1180381/wiki/using-mediacore)
  • Documents and course readings saved to cloud storage apps Google Drive or Dropbox
  • Create an iPad “magazine” for your course using Flipboard


  • Popular apps for interactive reading like Inkling or Subtext allow a whole group to read and comment together
  • Explain Everything   is an interactive whiteboard tool used to record audio, video, writing, and even your screen. This tool integrates with cloud storage as well, so you can show shared files from Google Drive to Dropbox.
  • Other collaborative brainstorming tools like Popplet have iPad apps as well.

In case you don’t see what you need here, Educause has a more in-depth list of Apps for Education: http://www.educause.edu/sites/default/files/library/presentations/E11/SESS050/iPhone-iPod-iPad_edu.pdf

Do you have ideas about integrating iPads into your course? Contact ATIG – we’re here to help!

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