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Faculty Spotlight: Flipping The Classroom with Dr. Clare Mehta and Prof. R. Bryan Sears

This month faculty spotlight is on Prof. R. Bryan Sears and Dr. Clare Mehta. Here, their experience is shared as a logical continuation of a hot topic at Emmanuel College, addressed in a recent post: “What Is a Flipped Classroom?.” ATIG staff interviewed the two … Continue reading

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Classroom Feedback – Formative Self-Evaluation Technique for Teachers

Teaching is a hard job, a noble professional and personal commitment. Just like any other profession, its performance is evaluated on constant basis. In the academic world, one of the most common ways is through course evaluations done by students … Continue reading

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What Is a Flipped Classroom?

A flipped classroom is a format where instruction delivery does not happen in class, but asynchronously off campus most often in the form of digitally recorded lecture materials. In addition, learning activities (quizzes, papers, or projects) can be tied to … Continue reading

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iPads in Your Classroom

“Powers of Minus Ten,” an award-winning iPad app that allows students to explore human biology down to the molecular level.   As you may have heard, ATIG has 41 iPad minis (and a few full size iPads) available for you … Continue reading

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