Faculty Spotlight: Regina Rutter – Video Resumes

Instructor: Dr. Regina Rutter, Lecturer in the Department of Management and Economics

Course: MGMT3496 – Management Internship and ACCT3296 – Accounting Internship

About the Project: Students were assigned to develop a two-three minute video resume that is typically used to supplement a traditional resume. According to recent studies, approximately 89% of managers said they would view a video resume, if provided. Additionally, another study stated that 40% of major companies are requesting video resumes.

The students were instructed to create a short video that addressed one of the more popular questions they may have in an interview, “Tell me about yourself.” They were to describe their skills and qualifications after watching a sample video resume from YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HK8hG-VN7jw. The students were also asked to dress professionally, be mindful to use good lighting and sound quality (avoid background noise,) be in a professional type of setting, and to make sure to use business acumens, where appropriate.

The students were recommended to prepare a storyboard/outline of their video presentation that might address some or all of the following points:

  • Introduction
  • Objectives
  • History
  • Knowledge
  • Special Skills
  • Education
  • Summary (can add references at end, if interested)

Goals: The goal in creating this assignment is multi-faceted. Over the years, a good number of our students have been viewed by their internship supervisors as being competent, but reticent, and have advised the students to have more confidence in their abilities. Therefore, the main two goals of this assignment are to increase students’ confidence and improve their communication skills. By practicing responses to typical interview or networking questions, the students grow more comfortable talking about themselves. Video resumes are increasing in use, as some of our students have already had to submit video resumes for internships or jobs. A video resume, as a supplement to a regular resume, may give our students the upper-hand in a job search given that many managers said they would definitely view them, if provided. They could distinguish themselves from other job seekers.

Technology Requirements: Students could record the videos on their PC or follow the following guide sheet to borrow a video camera from the library for this project:

Guidelines for Creating a Video Resume

1. Before your begin, create a Storyboard using http://popplet.com/

2. Reserve Equipment:

  • Go to library website
  • Reserve (search from list) – Please note the policy states 24 hour notice for reserving equipment (or by 3:00pm if reserving on a Friday)
    • Fill out ALL the starred (‘required’ fields) in order for the form to allow you to hit ‘finish’ and go through to their Media queue on the Portal. Note: if you keep hitting finish and it will NOT finish, you need to check the form to see if you are missed anything.
  • Media Equipment (HD camcorder and tripod)
  • Pick up at front desk during scheduled time
  • Note on the Media page that requests are only reviewed M-F and that will only be between the hours of 7:30 AM and 5PM.  You may send any student to the Library Home page under Library Services & Policies for the form and policies: http://library.emmanuel.edu/sp2/subjects/view.php?subject=emc_media.
  • Media must be returned the same day or you will receive overdue fines on your account and will receive a notification from the Library Circulation staff (these fines will keep you from getting grades or transcripts, so you need to take this seriously).  It is also not fair to your classmates who also need the equipment to finish their project.

How to use Equipment and Produce video in iMovie:

Video Resources:

Adding Music via Creative Commons:
• Know what is okay to use and what isn’t: http://www.centerforsocialmedia.org/fair-use/related-materials/codes/code-best-practices-fair-use-online-video
•  Search Creative Commons for music, images, and video clips to use in your project: http://search.creativecommons.org/
• Information about Creative Commons licensed music: https://creativecommons.org/legalmusicforvideos

Outcome: Typically, a student might spend 30-60 minutes preparing the video having to do several takes. This was a good thing, because repetition and speaking out loud improved their communication skills. Many of the students found it helpful to have another person in the room to talk more naturally.

Initially, the students overall were not thrilled with having to do this assignment as evident by the eyes rolling and heads shaking in the classroom. The assignment  was semester-long, so students realized that they have plenty of time to work on this project. The outcome was wonderful. I [Dr. Rutter] saw students who were typically very quiet in the classroom blossom in their videos. One such student stated, “The video resume, at first, seemed pointless and unnecessary. But, after completing it I actually felt as though it made me more comfortable talking about myself.” This comment was resonated in the evaluations.  The students have gained more confidence and felt better prepared as a result of this assignment.


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