Faculty Café

Snack time. Yes, there will also be fruit.

I’m a big believer in the afternoon snack – that “little something” to keep you going.  And, just as our bodies can need a pick-me-up, our brains can use a bite-size bit of learning or new information to refresh and re-inspire.  So, down here at ATIG, we thought: “Why not combine the two? It could be the next best thing since Reese’s put peanut butter and chocolate together.”  (Mmm, Reese’s…)

We were also motivated by faculty comments.  Many faculty members have said to us that they wish there were more opportunities to share information with colleagues in an informal way.  And so, Faculty Café* is born.  Faculty Café is a weekly chance to drop in, have a home-made snack, a little coffee or tea, and share information with colleagues about teaching strategies.  Or get suggestions from your fellow teachers on how to solve a problem you’ve encountered.  Or ask us a quick question. We’ll have a few conversation triggers available to inspire you – but you own this time.  Nothing formal, no commitments — if you just want a cookie, that’s okay too.

The first Faculty Café is scheduled for Wednesday, September 10 at 3 pm in WSC 113. 

*We were going to call it “Snack and Share” but thought maybe it sounded a little pre-school.
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