Zaption – the Perfect Combination of Video and Quiz for Creating Engaging Learning

Zaption is a free online learning tool (with basic account). Its educational use is for creating video lectures and presentations in combination with questions. The questions dispersed throughout are designed to engage student minds.

zaption tool snapshot

A snapshot of a Zaption tour

How Does It Work?

Learners are introduced to a topic during which they are prompted to actively participate by answering questions in a quiz format – multiple-choice, open-ended, check-box, etc. If they want, viewers can skip answering the questions. The purpose of this tool for learning is to enhance one’s thinking rather than assessing one’s knowledge like in a real quiz. In addition, the tour creator can provide information in text or image format at key places in order to facilitate viewers’ reflection of the material.

The creation of this kind of learning activity, or “tour” as called by Zaption, is easy. First select a video for your new tour. Videos can be created from scratch or borrowed from YouTube, Vimeo, PBS, TED, and others.

Zaption Video Select

Zaption Video Selection

Second, click at a point on the play bar where you want to have a question; then select from the icons lined at the top (each icon represents a type of question,) and drag and drop it onto the video frame or side bar to edit it to your liking.

Inserting a Question

Inserting a Question

Here is a perfect example: Grit is the Key to Success. This is a six-minute video about why some people are better learners than others.

A few important notes:

  • If you want to edit a tour after you publish it, you have to un-publish it but you’ll lose all responses made so far.
  • There is a free app for iPads.
  • There is an analytics tool to download responses and track data such as date, time, and duration of views, average scores to questions, and average rating of a tour.
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