New Assignment tools in ECLearn Canvas

We’re excited to introduce two powerful new assignment tools in ECLearn. With Differentiated Assignments and Excused Assignments, you’re able to create a learning environment suited to individual learners and their individual situations!

Differentiated Assignments

Have you ever wanted the option to create assignments (including quizzes and graded discussions) for specific students, or give students different due dates for the same assignment? Now you can, with Canvas’ differentiated assignments tool!

With differentiated assignments, you can now create assignments, graded discussions, and quizzes for individual students, groups, sections. This allows the ability to assign different due dates – or even different assignments – among course sections or groups. Differentiated assignments will enable instructors to provide a diverse learning experience while easily managing all sections of a course.

Only students assigned a differentiated assignment can see the assignment or be awarded a grade for it. Likewise, students can only view assignments that have been assigned to them. When an assignment is assigned to more than one section, group, or user, multiple due dates will appear across in your course site.

When creating an assignment, you can decide whether it is for everyone in the course, specific sections or groups, or for individual students. You can view the detailed step by step instructions here:

You now have the flexibility to cater assignments and due dates to individuals and groups without hassle. Ask ATIG about merging your course sections or creating groups to take advantage of this tool!

Excused Assignments

This is an awesome new feature instructors have been waiting for! Instructors can now excuse a student from an assignment in a course. This is a helpful tool if the student is sick or has a family emergency.

If you want to excuse an assignment for a student type “EX” in the assignment box. Students can be excused from group assignments, while other group members can still submit the assignment.

Once a student is excused from an assignment they can view the excused status on the assignment submission page. Discussions and Quizzes can be excused for students as well, but students cannot see that they have been excused from the discussion or quiz.

View detailed information here:

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