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Teaching Tip: Jumping into New Methods

Many of the posts on this blog advocate new teaching methods, tools, or styles that involve some aspect of technology. I believe that technology has a place in the classroom and can, in specific situations, lead to improved learning outcomes … Continue reading

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June Workshops

We’ve added some new and exciting workshops for the month of June. Take some time this summer to learn about creating animated presentations, developing and producing video assignments, flipping your classroom, and more. Head on over to our Calendar page … Continue reading

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Tech Tip: ThingLink – Creating Interactive Graphics

Creating interactive learning objects can be a technically demanding and time-consuming project. If you’ve never done it, it’s hard to know where to start. Do you need to learn how to code? What software should you use? Increasingly though, these … Continue reading

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Tech Tip: Learning Catalytics – A new take on Student Response Systems

Learning Catalytics has many of the features and functionality that you’d expect of a student response system. Each student has a response device, the teacher creates questions, and students send in their responses to see if they’re correct. The major … Continue reading

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Teaching Tip: Universal Design

Universal design in education is the idea that courses should be constructed in a way that addresses the needs of all potential students. The considerations of universal design include the layout of classroom furniture, the type and format of course … Continue reading

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Teaching Tip: Of MOOCs and Men

Fundamentally, Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) are good. From a moral standpoint, it’s difficult to argue against making higher education available to everyone. As with many new ideas in education though, there are some concerns about MOOCs. Who knows who’s … Continue reading

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Tech Tip: Facilitating Student Discussions with Piazza

Piazza is an online tool to facilitate student discussion, learning, and engagement. In some ways, this makes it similar to Learning Management Systems (LMS) like Canvas and Blackboard. Piazza is different though because it is more single-minded in its goals … Continue reading

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Tech Tip: Online Alternatives to Relatively Expensive Programs

Traditionally, image editing and video editing have required relatively expensive software. This software has many features, and a steep learning curve. It also requires a relatively powerful computer to use effectively. With the advent of cloud services and more interactive … Continue reading

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Tech Tip: Using Google Docs for Student Collaboration

Even if you have never heard of Google Docs, you have probably used the application without realizing it. Any time you “preview” a PDF from a Google search, it opens in Google Docs. But that isn’t the only use for … Continue reading

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Tech Tip: Some Canvas Audio/Video Features

Video still has a certain mystique about it that writing doesn’t have. Perhaps this has to do with the fact that video production, unlike writing, is not a skill taught at most elementary schools. Though I did have my elementary … Continue reading

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