ECLearn is Emmanuel College’s unique flavor of the Canvas learning management system. We changed from Blackboard Vista to ECLearn at the beginning of Spring 2013. Here are some commonly asked questions about ECLearn, and you can view other information on these pages:

Uploading Your Syllabus | Interface Overview

How do I access EC Learn?
You can access ECLearn through the MySaints portal (, however you can also log in by going to and entering your portal username and password.

How do I upload my syllabus?
Follow this guide to Upload your Syllabus. You can upload a file of the syllabus, or paste in the text from Word.

How do I publish my course?
To publish your course, from the course homepage you can click on published in the alert box at the top of the page.


If you are using the Course Setup Checklist, the option to publish your site is at the bottom of the list and can be done from any page in your site. Publishing a course site cannot be undone.

How do I copy course content from another course?
Follow this guide To Copy Course Content from Another Course.

What are notifications?

The first time you log into ECLearn you will be prompted to set up your Notifications. These are alerts that you receive (via email, text message, or messages sent to a social networking account) about different activities in ECLearn such as new posts in discussion forums or changes to an assignment. You can add different accounts, such as personal email or Twitter, to receive these alerts and make changes to your Notifications at any time under Settings in the global navigation.

What do I do if I do not see one of my students or TAs in my EC Learn course?
If you do not see one of your students, contact the Registrar at 617-735-9960. You can add your TAs by following this guide to Adding TAs to your Course.

NOTE: There is a delay for course enrollments to update in ECLearn after a student’s enrollment changes in Colleague. If a student recently added your course, please check after 24 hours to see if they have been added to the course site before contacting the Registrar.

How can I get trained in EC Learn?

If you have any questions that are not addressed in this page or in the guides that ATIG has published, you can contact the Canvas hotline any time at 1-877-472-1040, or email during normal business hours.

Why does ECLearn look different from your tutorial?
From time to time, you may notice that our tutorials and the canvas guides do not perfectly match up with what you’re seeing in your ECLearn site. This is because Canvas is a relatively new and still evolving product, and Instructure is constantly modifying their product in response to feature requests and best practices.

Even though this constant change can sometimes be confusing, it’s ultimately a good thing, and it means that our Learning Management System will be relevant and useful for a long time to come.

ECLearn is generally updated every three weeks. A preview of the upcoming release comes out at the beginning of the three week period. You can view these updates at

Academic Technology participates in the beta testing of new releases, so if you have any questions about new or upcoming features, feel free to contact us at