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Teaching Tip: Jumping into New Methods

Many of the posts on this blog advocate new teaching methods, tools, or styles that involve some aspect of technology. I believe that technology has a place in the classroom and can, in specific situations, lead to improved learning outcomes … Continue reading

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Tech Tip: Mapping in the Classroom

With his 1854 map of the London cholera epidemic, John Snow is often cited as one of the pioneers of using mapping and spatial thinking to understand and solve social problems. Maps and mapping applications have a broad range of … Continue reading

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Tech Tip: Using Google Docs for Student Collaboration

Even if you have never heard of Google Docs, you have probably used the application without realizing it. Any time you “preview” a PDF from a Google search, it opens in Google Docs. But that isn’t the only use for … Continue reading

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Does Technology Integration Improve Student Learning?

We academic technologists often get asked this question, and the answer is – like so much in life – not simple.  For example, on the one hand, as noted in this new Educause Review article, numerous studies have shown a … Continue reading

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Tech Tip: Teaching with Dual-Screen LCD TVs

Over the summer IT replaced the projector system in ADM 435 with two LCD TVs, and a similar set up will be available in the library lecture hall and the new classrooms in the Administration building (ADM 155-157). In addition, … Continue reading

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Tech Tip: Enhancing Student Learning With Clickers

Using response clickers (also known as Classroom Response Systems) in the classroom allows you to get immediate feedback on student comprehension of material and promote active learning among your students. Polls can include Yes/No statements, multiple choice questions, even ranking … Continue reading

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