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Teaching Tip: Jumping into New Methods

Many of the posts on this blog advocate new teaching methods, tools, or styles that involve some aspect of technology. I believe that technology has a place in the classroom and can, in specific situations, lead to improved learning outcomes … Continue reading

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Teaching and Tech Tip: Alternatives to Written Assignments

As you are beginning to prep for the fall semester and thinking about doing something new? Consider engaging students through alternatives to written assignments. Assignments that incorporate technology can create personally meaningful learning opportunities. Presentations are commonly assigned to students. But … Continue reading

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Teaching Tip: Writing Effective Student Polling Questions

We’ve talked quite a bit about good tools for student polling during class (known as “student response systems” or “clickers”), but a technology is only as good as the ways in which you use it. Sure these systems offer interesting … Continue reading

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Teaching Tip: Games in the Classroom

“Gamification” is one of education’s latest buzzwords, but trying to figure out whether or not games would enhance your curriculum, and if so how to incorporate them, can be rather daunting. MIT has released a whitepaper outlining the uses of … Continue reading

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EC Learn Tip: Enhancing Student Collaboration With Groups

In EC Learn you have the ability to create User Groups for assignments. This allows for group members to submit a single assignment together and for all members to receive the same grade (a feature you can turn off if … Continue reading

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Tech Tip: Using Prezi to Create Engaging Presentations

Prezi is a browser-based presentation tool that can zoom and pan, creating seamless presentations that engage your audience. It allows you to structure your presentations conceptually rather than being limited by the separation and linear flow of slides. You design … Continue reading

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Does Technology Integration Improve Student Learning?

We academic technologists often get asked this question, and the answer is – like so much in life – not simple.  For example, on the one hand, as noted in this new Educause Review article, numerous studies have shown a … Continue reading

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Tech Tip: Enhancing Student Learning With Clickers

Using response clickers (also known as Classroom Response Systems) in the classroom allows you to get immediate feedback on student comprehension of material and promote active learning among your students. Polls can include Yes/No statements, multiple choice questions, even ranking … Continue reading

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