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Faculty Spotlight: Xiaowei Zhao – Using PowToon to Create Online Presentations

Instructor: Xiaowei Zhao, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Psychology Course: PSYC1501 General Psychology About the Project: The skill of delivering good presentations is very important for students’ success both at school and for their future career. It needs to be honed … Continue reading

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Teaching Tip: Jumping into New Methods

Many of the posts on this blog advocate new teaching methods, tools, or styles that involve some aspect of technology. I believe that technology has a place in the classroom and can, in specific situations, lead to improved learning outcomes … Continue reading

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Faculty Spotlight: Sharon McKechnie – Enhancing Collaboration with Groups

Instructor: Sharon McKechnie, PhD, Assistant Professor of Management & Economics Course: MGMT 2307 Organizational Behavior About the Project: In MGMT 2307, over the course the semester students complete a group research project intended to allow them to explore an organizational … Continue reading

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Teaching Tip: Improving Student Presentations

In creating class presentations, students often do not know how to begin. So they begin as they would with a paper. With an outline. And then they put that outline on slides, sometimes as bullet lists, sometimes as complete sentences, … Continue reading

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Faculty Spotlight: Jacqueline Alfonso Barry – ePortfolios

Instructor: Jacqueline Alfonso Barry, PhD, Assistant Professor of Psychology Course: PSYCH 4494-5: Internship in Psychology I & II About the Project: Students completing an internship through the Department of Psychology create portfolios throughout the course of the internship. These portfolios … Continue reading

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Teaching Tip: Universal Design

Universal design in education is the idea that courses should be constructed in a way that addresses the needs of all potential students. The considerations of universal design include the layout of classroom furniture, the type and format of course … Continue reading

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Teaching Tip: Why Do Students Plagiarize? And How Do I Get Them To Stop?

Emily’s recent Tech Tip on Turnitin plagiarism software may have inspired you to implement plagiarism detection on some of your assignments.  Perhaps it also piqued your curiosity about what leads some students to plagiarize in the first place.  Or maybe … Continue reading

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EC Learn Tip: Enhancing Student Collaboration With Groups

In EC Learn you have the ability to create User Groups for assignments. This allows for group members to submit a single assignment together and for all members to receive the same grade (a feature you can turn off if … Continue reading

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Tech Tip: Using Google Docs for Student Collaboration

Even if you have never heard of Google Docs, you have probably used the application without realizing it. Any time you “preview” a PDF from a Google search, it opens in Google Docs. But that isn’t the only use for … Continue reading

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Teaching Tip: Approaches To Teaching Students New Technology Tools

There are many ways to approach teaching a new technology tool to your class. You can hand them a sheet of instructions or a URL and have them learn on their own time. You can schedule class time in a … Continue reading

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